The Caribbean Food Crops Society is a non-profit international organization committed to fostering the agricultural development of the Caribbean Region.  Its member represents the Caribbean agricultural scientific community who labor in the major national, regional and international research organizations as well as institutions of higher education.  The society also has member from the regional agricultural ministries and agro businesses.  Its Board of Directors is composed of the following representatives:


Chair: Dr. Wilfredo Colón, Universidad del Este, Puerto Rico

Vice Chair: Dr. Harry Ozier-Lafontaine, INRA, Guadeloupe

Secretary: Mr. Jean-Louis Diman, INRA, Guadeloupe

Treasurer: Dr. Alberto J. Beale, Puerto Rico

Past President 2016-2017: Dr. Esbal Jiménez, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus

President 2017-2018: Mr. Dorvan Cocks, Collectivité de Saint-Martin




  • Mr. Kwame García, University of the Virgin Islands
  • Dr. Rohanie Maharaj, University of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Mr. Barton A. Clarke, CARDI, Trinidad and Tobago


  • Dr. Wilfredo Colón, Universidad del Este, Puerto Rico
  • Mr. Pedro Pablo Peña, CEDAF, Dominican Republic
  • Mr. Jerry Dupuy, Dominican Republic


  • Dr. Isabelle Jean Baptiste, Martinique
  • Mrs. Maggy Gumbs, Collectivité de Saint-Martin
  • Dr. Harry Ozier-Lafontaine, INRA, Guadeloupe


  • Dr. Lydia Ori, A de KUS, Suriname

 Comité de Asesores/Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Edward Evans, IFAS, University of Florida, USA, Chair
  • Dr. Raúl Machiavelli, Dean and Director, College of Agriculture, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus 
  • Professor Clement Sankat, President, University of Belize
  • Mr. Carlos Robles, Commissioner, United States Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture
  • Dr. Guy Anais, Emeritus Member, Saint-Martin