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The Miguel and Aurora Lugo Caribbean Food Crops Society Student Scholars 2019

Program Objectives
· Foster research as a part of the overall educational process;
· Support talented students in the presentation of their research outcomes at the CFCS annual meeting;
· Expose students to international networking experience;
· Mentor talented students in the overall functions of the CFCS so they can eventually occupy leadership roles in the Caribbean.

The Program’s long-term goals are to expose talented students to formal research, and to awake their interest in agricultural research careers in the Caribbean Region. Student scholars can be chosen from among active research programs in and outside the Caribbean. However, their research must be focused on the needs of the Caribbean Region. Funded Scholars will receive US$500.00 to partially cover their travel expenses to the Annual Scientific Meeting of the CFCS.

Program Details
Outcome: Scholars must deliver a verbal and or poster presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the CFCS. They must also participate as members of the local organizing committee.

All undergraduate and graduate students conducting research relating to the Caribbean Region are eligible to apply. However the four (4) stipends are available for students from the Dutch, English, French, and Spanish speaking Caribbean Countries, Departments and/or Territories. Preference will be given to applicants carrying out research projects that have the greatest impact in the Caribbean Region. Applicants must submit an abstract of their research projects following the guidelines of the CFCS.

Eligible applicants must submit: (1) an abstract in their native language and in English, and (2) two letters of recommendation from active members of the CFCS. These should be sent electronically as PDF or Word files to: Dr. Michelle Samuel-Foo, Alabama State University;

Application Deadline
Abstracts and supporting letters of recommendation must be received by March 1, 2019. The abstract must also be submitted to the Local Organizing Committee.

Dr. Miguel A. Lugo López was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on July 21, 1921.  He completed his primary and secondary education in Mayaguez.  In 1943 he graduated with a Bachelor in Agricultural Sciences with a major in Agronomy and with honors from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Mayaguez, Campus.   That same year he started to work as an agricultural research technician with the USDA, ARS Research Station in Mayaguez.  In 1945 he completed his masters in soil science from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  For the next two years in was an Assistant Professor at the UPR, Mayaguez, Campus.  In 1950 he completed his Ph.D. in soil science from Cornell University.  From 1950 to 1957 Dr. Lugo López was an Associate Researcher with the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) of the UPR in Rio Piedras.  From 1957 to 1961 he was stationed at the AES of the UPR in Gurabo where he was administrator from 1960 to 1961 and Assistant Director of the AES-Rio Piedras from 1961 to 1964.  He was Acting Director (1964-66), Associate Director (1966-68) and Soil Scientist (1968-69) at the AES-Rio Piedras.  From 1969 to 1972 he returned to the UPR, Mayguez Campus as Director of Planning, and Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture.  From 1972 to 1974 he was Dean of Students.  During his final years at the UPR, Mayaguez Campus (1974-77) he was project leader and Soil Scientist of a joint UPR-Cornell University, USAID funded project. Upon his retirement Dr. Lugo López began a career as an international consultant.  He continued to work for Cornell University (1977-79) and with a local consulting firm (1981-85).  He worked on projects in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Bolivia, Panama, and Costa Rica. As a faculty member of the College of Agriculture of the UPR, Mayaguez Campus, Dr. Lugo López offered courses in soil science, and mentored graduate students completing their masters program.  He was author and co-author of more than 200 scientific papers which were published in local and international journals.  He was a distinguished soil scientist who specialized in soil taxonomy of the soils of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin islands.  He was a member of various professional societies and organizations, such as: Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, New York Academy of Sciences, American Society for the Advancement of Science, College of Agronomist of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Society of Agricultural Sciences, American Society of Agronomy, Soil Science Society of America, Soil Conservation Society of America and his beloved Caribbean Food Crops Society (CFCS). Dr. Lugo López was instrumental in the existence and development of the Caribbean Food Crops Society.  He held various positions such as Country Representative, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, and member of the Advisory Board.  His active participation in the CFCS spanned more than 40 years.  He was instrumental in making sure that young scientist working in the Caribbean Region presented their results at the Annual Meetings.  He also authored and co-authored numerous research articles published in the Proceedings of the CFCS. Dr. Lugo López was a devote Catholic who labored as a community leader, advisor to the charismatic group and lay minister in his parochial church in Isabela, Puerto Rico. Dr. Lugo López died in 2005 and he is survived by his wife, Aurora Lugo, their son Peter and two grand children.

Mrs. Aurora Lugo was born in Russia on May 1, 1918 as Aurora De Menkini.  Her family immigrated to the United States to New York in 1922 where she completed her primary and secondary education.  In 1945 she completed a bachelor’s degree with a major in Animal Science from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.   It was at Cornell where she meets Dr. Lugo López and they decide to marry and set up residence in Puerto Rico.  Mrs. Lugo engaged immediately in the agricultural sector of Puerto Rico and was hired as an agricultural extension agent with the Cooperative Extension Service (CES) of the UPR, Mayaguez Campus.  She retired from the CES in 1978.     She was a member of various professional societies and organizations, such as: Gamma Sigma Delta, College of Agronomist of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Society of Agricultural Sciences, and her beloved Caribbean Food Crops Society (CFCS). Just like her husband, Aurora Lugo was instrumental in the growth and evolution of the Caribbean Food Crops Society.  She held various positions such as Treasurer, Secretary, and member of the Advisory Board.  Her active participation in the CFCS spanned more than 40 years.  Mrs. Lugo is was a devote Catholic and  labored as a community leader in her parochial church in Isabela, Puerto Rico.  Mrs. Lugo was 98 years old when she passed away in July 2016.  

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